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A Look At Green BuIlding And LEED Customized Falcons Jerseys , Is It Our Best Shot? A Look At Green BuIlding And LEED, Is It Our Best Shot? July 27, 2013 | Author: Kevin Evens | Posted in Business
Another day another greenback . Another year, another viewpoint. I come back to this blog to draft my annual birthday post. However, this time I come back to you after the most influential year of my life which refurbished my outlook on life and supportability. Oh, and a degree too (in reality my graduation rite is happening as I write to you).

Prior to this day of reflection I have been one of those CFO minded folk who believed the green paper was the sole path to a green world . When in fact it is far simpler than that; it is. just society’s outlook and what they truly price. In the historically most capitalistic part of the world we place that worth on money and expansion as opposed to a high quality of life for us and our kids . Society drives all corporations, for without us they could not exist. If society puts enough stress on their demand Atlanta Falcons Jerseys , the world will be compelled to conform with it or else society will fail. The treble net result, as hunky-dory as some make it out to be is true. It aptly shows the connected and dependent nature of the world’s major spheres, the environment, economy and society. Sustainability is not a lifestyle choice; one can't select how to be tolerable while ignoring the rest of the global civilizations. A supportable life is the only choice as you either are viable or you are not. That's the one problem I have with point systems; how can a building be only 50% supportable? It is a black and white affair which conveniently was recognized by the Living Building Institute in their certification system, the Living Building Challenge.

On my 22nd birthday I would like to be clear with my perspective and message . A supportable present and future is extremely possible. I have even seen it myself in the eyes of those who I have been thankful to encounter and befriend. However,the people at the helm of the movement are in many ways amazingly able folks, but not for their current position. I have all the confidence in the world that humans are making a generational push towards a shift in our societal mind-set which may finally conclude in a balanced Earth .

LeadingGreen offers the best LEED Training Toronto and provides the most a ffordable live LEED Green Associate Examination Preparation Courses in Toronto Tevin Coleman Falcons Jersey , Canada .

8 Negotiation Tactics To Help Reduce Your Credit Card Debt 8 Negotiation Tactics To Help Reduce Your Credit Card Debt July 24, 2013 | Author: Martin P S Collins | Posted in Business

Chose the best time to call: An easy, yet very effective negotiation tactic is to choose the right time to call the credit card company. If you call them first thing in the morning they will most likely be in a better mood than in the evening after a long day of people trying to get out of their credit card payments.

Let them know you will pay back what you owe: Credit card companies are most concerned about people who try to get out of paying their debts altogether using various dirty negotiation tricks. It is important to stress that you do intend to pay them back, all you need is a bit of help from them. You will be surprised at how positive credit card companies can react to this approach. This is a very simple, yet effective negotiation technique.

Make use of your first time: In case this is the first time you are asking to have a late fee waived or a lower interest rate, you need to tell the credit card company about it. They will be much more supportive to people who ask for this for the first time, rather than to those who ask every month!

Show them you are a loyal customer: If you’ve been a long-time customer or a big spender for several years Jalen Collins Falcons Jersey , use this to your advantage. By reminding a company of your loyalty, you’ll find that they will be more willing to renegotiate your credit card debt because they don’t want to lose your business.

Ask for a lower interest rate: Unknown to many, credit card interest rates are often negotiable for those with good negotiation skills. If you have had a good payment history, you shouldn’t have any problems with requesting for a lower interest rate. Explain that you’ll be able to put more money towards paying off your principal balance instead of your interest rate charges.

Have late fees waived: This is a simple, yet very effective bargaining tactic. Late fees, like other fees, can easily be waived if you pay your bill within a few days of the due date. A solid credit history can be used as leverage Vic Beasley Jr Falcons Jersey , and may be well worth the effort to make that extra phone call.

Ask to skip a payment: When you are in a situation of financial problems that you think you will be able sort out in the near future, you can try to explain this to the credit card company. If you request to miss one or two payments as an exception, many companies are willing to give you this relief. The downsi.

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