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As stated above, self-pleasuring is a perfectly normal and healthy activity, one which brings about a tremendous amount of pleasure. Essentially all guys self-gratify at some point in their lives Tyler Wong Golden Knights Jersey , and most men self-stimulate with some regularity throughout their adolescence and adulthood.

Still, most men have probably had a point in their lives in which they’ve thought, “I’m self-gratifying a little too much. I better slow down for a while.” This can be due to any number of reasons. The member may be sore from too much activity, for example, or he may simply be very busy and feel that he needs to devote some time to something other than his firm manhood.

But ignoring that hardness is not always easy. When a guy needs help controlling his urge to self-stimulate, he may want to consider some of these strategies:

• Stay away from adult films. This should be a no-brainer Tomas Nosek Golden Knights Jersey , but if a dude doesn’t want to be tempted to fondle his firm manhood – he should avoid activities that are likely to bring about tumescence. Unless a man really enjoys testing himself and seeing how strong his resolve is, avoiding self-pleasuring triggers like exposure to adult videos or pictures is a must.

• Alter sleep habits. Many men enjoy self-gratifying in bed, often just before they fall asleep or when they wake up with morning wood. If trying to keep the urge under control, change the amount of time spent in the bedroom and try to use it just for sleeping. Reading or streaming videos in bed increases the possibility for self-pleasuring. Instead, do other activities in a common space and just head to the bedroom when ready to sleep.

Once in bed, try to sleep on the side rather than on the back or stomach. Sleeping on the side reduces the chance of the manhood rubbing against sheets or bedding and becoming aroused. Many men self-gratify in order to help them fall asleep. Engaging in deep breathing exercises while in bed may be a good alternative.

Men who wake with morning wood often just turn off the alarm clock when it rings and begin self-fondling. Placing the alarm clock on the other side of the bedroom can help Tomas Hyka Golden Knights Jersey , as a man has to get out of bed and can’t just roll over again when he turns it off.

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Although self-pleasuring is a part of life, most men like to know that they have a proper degree of control over it, just as they like to have control over other parts of their lives.

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